Why Night Photography

During the day, a location may seem mundane.  At night, however, dramatic lighting can be added. A clear sky in the daytime is nothing special, but at night you are treated to a sky full of stars and mystery. By the use of low level lighting we are able to bring our own light to the scene. 

In addition, the night is just different than what most people normally see. That’s not to suggest that night photography is somehow a novelty, but photography during the day is much more common. People are accustomed to seeing photos during the day. They are even used to seeing dramatic sunrise and sunset photos. Night photos are a little more unusual. 

One is our eyes see in black and white at night. During the day, the cones in the retina reveal the world in Technicolor. At night, the cone’s companions, the rods, work in a different manner to gather the low light. The camera does not know the natural boundaries of rods and cones. It has the ability to capture color regardless of the level of ambient light. Therefore, the camera allows us to see our dark surroundings in a vastly different way than our eyes perceive it.

Photographing at night allows us to see night in all its wonderful color. Giving us a different perspective to our incredible world.

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