Planning a Nightscape

The night skies and stars are beautiful they capture our consciousness. With the stars mystic qualities alone we can spend countless hours staring into the heavens.

Man has always looked to the sky for guidance, whether it is a part of their spiritual beliefs or for literal guidance when navigating ships across the vast seas. I use the night sky to combine heaven and earth for a type of photography that feeds the spirit.




Choosing a location that speaks to you, arousing your feelings is important. For the Navajo people the sky is considered male, the earth female, and both are in the relation of man and wife to each other. Mother Earth has the beauty all mothers have and a harmony with Father Sky. The Navajo people have a connection with the elements.

Preparation for a unique subject or location will provide a foreground to complete a beautiful composition. It doesn’t have to be a famous landscape, it does need to provide the purpose of helping you visually share a meaning.




Once the location has been determined. The composition between the stars and the earth can take place. Depending on the time of year and time of night will play into when the shot can be taken. 

Some shots give a better composition with a vertical Milky Way. While some are only possible with the Milky way in a certain position.

To determine when will be the right time for best alignment I have an iPad with Sky Guide on it. This allows a good understanding of what the composition will be while scouting during the day. Good luck on capturing your story.