Alpine Meadows

This is one of my favorite places to spend time. A beautiful mountain meadow that sits in the mountains of central Utah. I set my tripod and camera up on this shot while the moon was still out. There was plenty of light from the moon to set up the composition and light the meadow. 

The most pleasant part of this shot was sitting in the meadow waiting for the moon to set. Listening to the coyotes yapping back and forth and watching the milky way core appear in the night sky. There is something about nature and the mountains that gives me comfort. I hope to share my experiences in nature. I live in an incredible place, within an hours drive I can be in the mountains or the desert. Each has their own beauty and feel. My challenge to the viewer is get lost in the moment.

This shot is considered to be a stack/blend of the night sky and the foreground of the meadow. It is a blend because the camera and tripod were never moved. I took a series of shots while the moon is up and after the moon sets there is a series of shots for the night sky. 

This gives the ability to blend in the foreground from the moonlight giving better definition to the meadow and trees. Several images are stacked one on top of the other to alleviate the noise in the image. The foreground stacked image is then blended into the sky image. It is considered a blend because the camera was never moved. If the camera is moved even a few inches it is then considered to be a composite image.

I hope you can get lost in a mountain meadow, lay back and enjoy a starry night sky.