Bryce Canyon National park - Robert Mckendrick
Waxing Crescent

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Inspiration-Bryce Canyon National Park

The viewpoint at Inspiration Point consists of varied spectacular perspectives of the main amphitheater. There is the Silent City with its many rows of hoodoos, set against the backdrop of Boat Mesa. All who look at or from this point are bound to be inspired, considering the intricacies of the hoodoos and their formation through the erosion of the Claron Formation. Now add the beauty of the stars and our galaxy. This is "Inspiration"

The barren slopes of Inspiration Point have a mix of trees including Bristlecone Pines. While these are famous for their venerable ages and gnarled trunks, younger bristlecones take on a very different appearance. They are tall and thin and unique among pines in that the entire lengths of their branches are covered with needles, giving them the bushy appearance that earned them the nickname "fox-tail pines."