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Value Statement

I believe the purpose of a photograph is to evoke an emotional response. The experience of growing up and living in nature has done this for me and by selecting just the right place and moment to make a photograph that conveys those emotions has helped provide a healing within myself.

My goal is to share not just an image, but to create an image that allows us to see the world in new ways, to drop pre-conceptions and to find focus in a busy and chaotic world. Having the ability to create images that promote meditation, mindfulness and creative living in photographs that contain meaning beyond their visual content allows one healing and personal transformations. In a photograph we co-create, between the viewer, the photographer and the subject creating the ability to fall into the moment of oneness within the image. This presents the opportunity for the viewer to step into a place where different realities exist. Where new opportunities are opened up both in the world and within ourselves through an image that encourages compassion, mindfulness, inner peace and internal healing through engagement with the viewer.

Little Grand Canyon

Under The MoonLight

Robert's heritage lies deep within Utah. His grandparents worked in the coal mines of central Utah. Robert is a landscape/wildlife photographer who grew up and still lives in Utah's ruggedly beautiful Castle Country. Since childhood he has spent most of his free time in the mountains and canyons of Utah. Hiking the beautiful and diverse, sometimes harsh, but often delicate nature of the country he found a reverence to the wilderness. This special appreciation for nature that he deeply experienced touched something within him. This reverence that has grown from the wild beauty that Mother Nature has to offer gave him a passion to capture it with photography. Robert's goal is to show the grandeur, peacefulness and serenity of nature in a way that the viewer will experience their own set of emotions.

Robert believes you will find his art as something you can immerse yourself in and feel the mesmerizing affect of nature. Robert uses his appreciation and understanding of nature to capture the essence of wildlife and the serenity of the outdoors. He continually strives to capture the reality of nature around him by using the natural light, shadows and composition of our world to capture the beauty that inherently exists in our spirit.

The best compliment Robert can get is when someone is drawn into and entranced by his photography. He believes that through the expression of art one may see things about themselves that they may otherwise not have comprehended. Art can help one  process emotions and feelings that they are struggling with so they can begin healing.  Art is quite capable of providing insight into our creativity helping us understand certain aspects of who we are. 

"I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright"

Henry David Thoreau

Gallery Moab Fine Art

Art Gallery

Robert is proud to be a member of the Gallery Moab. This diverse gallery is full of beautiful art. The incredible artists are from the Moab area and display award winning paintings, sculptures and photography.

Gallery Moab.com

Welcome to one of Moab’s finest galleries. We showcase Western and wildlife art, contemporary abstract, impressionism and surrealism. Our award-winning artists work in various media, from pastels, acrylics, photography, and oils, to metal and concrete castings. Our mission is to enrich, empower and support local artists and build community through the arts.

Winter Hours

Daily 10 am to 6 pm

or by appointment

87 North Main Street Moab, Utah

email: GalleryMoab@gmail.com

phone: 435-355-0024

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